Living Faith Through Community, Dialogue & Service

Emmaus Campus Ministry at the University of Montana


Lunch Series

Fall 2014 Lunch Series

12:00 -1:30 pm at Emmaus House throughout the school year

We welcome guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds to discuss many interesting topics each month during the school year, engaging in conversation as we share a meal prepared by Emmaus, its students, and volunteers.

These events are open to the public.  Welcoming all faculty, staff, clergy, students, church folks and friends!

A selection of past presenters and topics: 

The Parable of the Fig Tree: Expanding beyond stewardship and domination to explore the relationship of humans to the earth," Irma Russell, Dean of the School of Law

Panentheism; a theological framework of incarnation that puts God in the middle of all relationships and life,"  Rev. Steve Oreskovich, Episcopal Priest

The Spirituality of Public Service," Missoula Mayor John Engen

Environmental Ethics, Sacred Trees, and the Forestry of Imagination," Dr. James

McKusick, Dean of the Davidson Honors College

Paul between Judaism & Christianity,” Dr. Nathaniel B. Levtow, Associate

Professor, Liberal Studies Program

Responding to Climate Change: Psychological, Political & Cultural Dynamics

that Create Doubt, Delay &/or Action,” Nicky Phear, Program Coordinator and

Instructor in the Climate Change Studies Program

Wednesday, Oct. 22nd: Jay Mennenga, author of the newly released book called A Tale of Two Urgencies: Saving The Planet and Saving Your Soul.”  Jay is from Paradise Valley and is being promoted by the Sierra Club. 

Wednesday, Nov. 12th: Gary Hawk on Scratching the Eschatological Itch: Current Attempts to Imagine Apocalypse and a Faithful Response”

Thursday, Dec. 4th: Albert Borgmann on “Recovering Sacred Reality With the Guidance of Romano Guardini”