Living Faith Through Community, Dialogue & Service

Emmaus Campus Ministry at the University of Montana


Our Ministry's Leadership

Throughout the years, campus ministry at the University of Montana has witnessed an all-inclusive partnership between Lutherans, the Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church, Methodists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, the United Church of Christ, and Disciples of Christ Campus Ministries. As the Christian Campus Ministry program developed and transitioned into a Lutheran Campus Ministry program in concert with the local Episcopalians and United Church of Christ, so too did the leadership, seeing many pastors and partnerships come and go, change and grow. Since its inception as a campus ministry program with a designated ordained pastor, the ELCA Lutherans within the campus ministry program saw a total of eight campus pastors lead what is now known as Emmaus Campus Ministry.

The three most recent campus pastors for Lutheran Campus Ministry at the University of Montana include Pastor Thomas Lee, Pastor Jean Larson, and, since 2005, Pastor John Lund.

Today Pastor Lund leads Emmaus Campus Ministry with part-time office assistance in finance, development, and communications in conjunction with excellent student leadership. Emmaus students and residents not only take part in an Outreach team, visiting churches throughout the school year to share their perspectives and home-grown worship experience, but also serve as peer ministers, providing support to fellow students in time of need as well as assisting Pastor Lund in programming and coordinating upcoming events.

A Board of Directors oversees the activity of Emmaus as a registered non-profit organization and previously served as a local subsidiary steering committee for the Lutheran Student Foundation of Montana. The state umbrella organization of LSF directed Lutheran Campus Ministry for both the Missoula and Bozeman campuses until January 2013 when LSF’s state-based oversight was dissolved and relegated to the local governing boards of the campus ministry programs. The Emmaus Campus Ministry Board is comprised of volunteers from our partner churches with representatives from the Lutheran, Episcopal, and UCC churches along with two student representatives. Our Board Members offer their time and expertise for programming, finance, development, and special events, among many other roles.

The collaboration between the ELCA Lutherans with the Episcopalians and United Church of Christ continues the historically open and welcoming nature of the campus ministry program at the University of Montana.