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Emmaus Campus Ministry at the University of Montana


Pastor's Message

I have come to understand theology as a lifelong conversation within and between the community of faith, God, the greater culture, the guys down at the pub, my family and neighbors, and anyone else who wants to pipe in.  We are in the midst of changing times in so many ways, and we need to track, articulate and try and understand what is going on.  These are my contributions to the greater conversation over time.  I hope they perk your interest, get you fired up, or even get under your skin.  If not, I have not done my job.  Let me know what you think, and we can keep the conversation going!


Pastor John

Recent Articles by John Lund

Reclaiming Faith

We live in a time when many of our young adults are very nervous to claim Christianity as their own faith. A decade ago, students would often perceive themselves to be Christian, but would downplay that fact in public and with friends. Today, the trend is that even fewer are identifying themselves as Christian at all.

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