What we do

We don’t have all the answers, but we love to ask the hard questions. Some of us are firm believers, some are doubters, some come for the good food.  We talk about what’s important in life and what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and slow things down to connect with our spirituality, each other, and God.


We make a point to serve others and the community, and we give space for soul-tending and personal growth within the rhythms of school, work and everything else. We support each other, grow together in our spiritual life, become good friends, and have a lot of fun. Mostly we are a community that eats well, laughs a lot, is open with each other, and cares about others and the earth.

Emmaus Campus Ministry is a ministry of ELCA Lutherans, partners with the Episcopal Church USA and the United Church of Christ, and a member of the LuMIN Network. We are a Reconciling in Christ ministry, meaning we are open and affirming to all those in the LGBTQ+ community. Learn more about RIC here

Who we are

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John Lund


Pastor John is around The Ark or Emmaus House during the week. If you have questions or issues surrounding family, relationships, grief, depression, sexuality, feeling lost, or anything else, he is there to offer non-judgmental listening and pastoral care. We also have trained and compassionate peer ministers who are here to listen, support and walk with other students through difficult times.

  • Allen Sasser-Goehner (President), Immanuel

  • Allison De Jong, Our Savior’s, Bonner

  • Amy Glaspy, St. Paul 

  • Barb Christian, University Congregational Church

  • Barb Morrison, Holy Spirit Episcopal

  • Celeste Yeager, University Congregational Church

  • Dave Dickman (Treasurer), St. Paul

  • Rev. Eric Huseth, Our Savior’s, Bonner

  • Lee Christianson (Vice President), Atonement

  • Liz Delaney, Valley of Christ

  • Patrick Dye (Secretary), Atonement

  • Phil Guay, University Congregational Church

Our Board of Directors

Where we are

We are fortunate to have 2 properties on the edge of the University of Montana campus. Emmaus House has a student center with a lending library and free Wi-Fi that is always open to students. Our offices are located in the Ark next door. You may stop by anytime during business hours, but there isn’t always a staff member present.

Contact us to ensure an in-person visit!

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