Living Faith Through Community, Dialogue & Service

Emmaus Campus Ministry at the University of Montana


Retreats & Trips

We understand the value of a well-timed trip and the bonds that are formed during such retreats.  Every year we plan multiple trips or retreats, some for a short weekend, others for an extended journey over a week's time.  There will usually be at least one such event scheduled in fall, winter, and spring.  Our spring break trips are service-oriented and usually qualify for independent study or honors credits.

Some previous events include rafting the Blackfoot River, a Winter retreat to Seeley Lake and traveling to San Francisco for Spring Break. 

"In Vancouver I learned untaught lessons about the depth and width of humanity, about its struggles and compassion, about its breadth.  I learned about the unspoken inner conflict of those who served meals and gave hospitality to those who abused themselves in one way or another.  I learned that we are all one phone call from our knees and that when the toilet starts flushing, a life escaping the bowl is nearlly impossible unless you have someone reach in and help you out."

~Tessa Weyrauch, participant, Vancouver Spring Break Trip 2011

Upcoming Events

Winter Retreat at Georgetown Lake and Discovery Ski Area

February 3-5 2017

Spring Break Service Learning Trip

March 17th-26th 2017