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Emmaus Campus Ministry at the University of Montana


The Simply Giving Program is a secure and confidential service offered by Emmaus Campus Ministry and endorsed by Thrivent Financial's Federal Credit Union.

Electronic giving is a convenient way to provide consistent support to Emmaus Campus Minsitry.  

We currently offer electronic funds transfers set up to debit your bank checking or savings account electronically on a monthly basis and directly deposit your donations to Emmaus Campus Ministry's bank account.

Getting Started with Simply Giving

Fill out an authorization form.  You may download a copy of the form here or contact our office for a paper copy.  

Fill out the form electronically, save a copy, and send your completed authorization to our office.

The Authorization Form includes details on:

  • your contact information
  • type of authorization (new authorization or a change in account/donation information once enrolled)
  • dates of first and last donation
  • frequency of donation
  • amount of donation
  • your bank routing and account information (checking/savings)
  • your signature authorizing the electronic transfers

Reasons to enroll in the Simply Giving Program:

1.  Convenience for you!

There is no need to write checks and mail your donations when contributions are made automatically.  It saves you time and money!

2.  Keeps you on track with stewardship commitments

Scheduled, automated offerings prevent you from falling behind on financial pledges and guarantees your uninterrupted support.

3.  Provides you with one of the most popular payment methods

Many families rarely write checks on a regular basis, instead preferring direct debit options.

4.  Provides much-needed donation consistency for our ministry

It helps us with financial forecasting as well as prevents seasonal slumps.

5.  Saves administrative staff time

As the effort required to process cash and check donations

decreases, the efficient use of staff time increases!

6.  Adds greater security to our ministry office

Reduces handling of checks and cash.

7.  Has a positive impact on our environment

Donating electronically reduces the amount of natural resources

consumed in the production, transportation, processing and disposal of paper checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How safe is electronic giving?

A:  It is safer than writing checks or carrying cash to church. Secure donation services are provided by Vanco Services, LLC. Vanco processes electronic donations for more than 12,000 churches and nonprofit organizations.  Furthermore, it is a service endorsed by Thrivent Financial's Federal Credit Union.

Q:  What can I use to show I made a donation?

A:  The itemized list of electronic transactions that appears on your bank statement can be used as proof of your donations.  Emmaus will also send you an annual summary and thank you acknowledging your donations.

Q:  When will my contribution be processed?

A:  Your contribution will be processed each month on the

date(s) you authorize on the Authorization Form (see left).

Q:  What if I need to cancel or temporarily place my donation on hold?

A:  You can cancel or suspend donations by notifying Emmaus of the changes.  Please be sure to notify us a week in advance to ensure the electronic transfer can be modified.  Banks usually begin the transfer process two business days in advance so that the payment will be posted on the date you chose for the donation.

For example:

John and Mary Miller chose to donate $50 on the 15th of each month.  They discover they need to temporarily place a hold on their donation for next month, so they contact Emmaus  as soon as they can but no later than the 8th of the month to stop the donation from being processed on the 15th.  They can re-start the donation transfers when they are ready by contacting Emmaus again to remove the hold on their account.